Welcome to Peace Soil Works: Regenerating Soils, Cultivating Profitable Farms 

At Peace Soil Works, we’re deeply rooted in the belief that regenerating soil is the foundation of sustainable agriculture. Being local to the Peace Country, we’ve witnessed the unique challenges and potential of our region. Our mission is to bring about a sustainable transformation through a emphasis on soil health, one that fosters economic prosperity and ecological harmony. These improvements don’t happen over night. If we invest our input dollars in products that have positive compounding effects on our soil health, we believe we can greatly improve our soils, farms and profitability.   

About Us: Learn more about our story and the values that drive us here.

Our Products:

  • Fertilizers: Explore our range of eco-friendly fertilizers that reduce reliance on synthetics. Discover more here.
  • Spray Conditioners: Elevate your crop protection strategy with our spray conditioners. Details here.
  • Seed Treatments: Discover innovative seed treatments for improved plant health. Click here.
  • Residue Digestor: Enhance your farming practices with our residue digestion solutions. Explore more here.
  • Biostimulants: Boost crop growth and resilience with our Biostimulants. Learn how here.
  • Humalite: Unearth the power of Humalite in enhancing soil structure and nutrient retention. Details here.
  • Biochar: Harness the potential of biochar for sustainable agriculture. Dive deeper here.

Resources: Access valuable resources, research, and insights to support your journey towards regenerative agriculture & soil health here.

Together, we aim to rejuvenate our farms, restore reclaimed resource sites, and revitalize our soils. By forging a stronger connection between our environment and the industry, we’re sowing the seeds of a prosperous and sustainable future for the Peace Region, for generations to come.


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Beaverlodge, Alberta