Our Mission: Fostering Soil Health, Growing Profits & Sustainability 

 At Peace Soil Works, we embarked on a journey driven by a profound commitment to soil health. Our story begins with a simple yet powerful goal: to find products that not only enrich our soil but also enhance the bottom line. This mission aligns with the principles of Regenerative Agriculture, a transformative approach that prioritizes the profitability of farming operations while promoting ecological well-being. 

 Our Roots: Born and raised on a farm in the Peace Country, our deep connection to the land and the community inspired our work.

 Tailored Solutions for All: We recognize the diverse needs of the agricultural community, including both conventional and organic practices. Our mission is not limited to one approach; it’s about serving all farmers who aim to improve their soil and sustainability. 

 Our Vision: Our ultimate aspiration is to rejuvenate the farms, restore reclaimed resource sites, and enrich the soils we work with. This transformation extends beyond agricultural practices; it’s about creating a resilient connection between our environment and industry. We are sowing the seeds of prosperity in the Peace Region for generations to come. 

Why is Soil Health Important?

Soil health is the bedrock of sustainable agriculture. It’s a critical foundation for successful farming and a flourishing environment. Healthy soil yields robust crops, conserves water, reduces erosion, and stores carbon. It contributes to clean air, water quality, and biodiversity. Investing in soil health is an investment in the future, ensuring a bountiful harvest for today and generations ahead.
Join us on this journey towards a stronger, healthier, and more prosperous Peace Country. Together, we can nurture the land and cultivate sustainability, reaping the rewards of a flourishing environment and thriving agricultural industry.

Our Partners