EcoTea Residue Digestor

Apply EcoTea Residue Digestor to actively Breakdown Biomass & Return Nutrients to the Soil


 EcoTea Residue Digestor is biology that beaks down crop residues. It is a 3-part mix and go product powered by our Full Spectrum Biology. Built in our proprietary ecological engineering process, and fortified with our blend of Biostimulants and adjuvants, this product is centered around beneficial fungi focused on efficient decomposition.

Our targeted formula provides a fusion of bacterial and that critical fungal component for effective decomposition. Fall application extends the effective window for use into cooler temperatures provides exceptional value to soil quality and next seasons crops.

The recycling of carbon and nutrients can be a missed opportunity in an agronomic program. When applied spring and/or fall Residue Digester can increase:

  • Nitrogen Cycling
  • Carbon Capture
  • Crop Resilience
  • Soil Structure

All while lowering input rates and improving your soil year after year.

In season, nutrient use efficiency, water harvesting and other benefits, along with residue digestion between crops, give you versatile benefits all season long when you use EcoTea™ as part of your on-farm program.

EcoTea™ products give your crops the support they need no matter what season and conditions you are working with, helping to grow the yields of the future.

4 years of trials have shown EcoTea increases organic matter, carbon, C02 respiration & recycles Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Making them plant available for the next growing season. 100% of Trails have shown increased soil C02 respiration, and up to 4x faster breakdown of residue. 

An improvement in the overall health of the soil means the more nutrients you recycle, and the less you have to apply.

Healthier Soil = Healthier profits

When to Use?

EcoTea can be applied in the Fall or Spring to residue , and lightly incorporated with a  harrow or drill to optimize soil contact.