EcoTea™ HDI (High Density Inoculum) is Broad Spectrum Soil Biology. 

It is unique in the biological agricultural market in its unmatched biological diversity.

EcoTea™ Focuses on 6 specific functions of microbes, ecologically engineers the growth of these functional groups into the most diverse product on the market. Bacteria, Fungi and Protozoa comprising tens of  thousands of known species.

EcoTea HDI – Should be applied in furrow at time of planting at a rate of 10L / ac. EcoTea is seed safe and can be mixed with other compatible products to enhance starter fertilizer efficiency

 An activated Humic acid-based Biostimulant to enhance soil biology, Phosphorus availability and increase root mass.

What is it?

  • A unique blend of humic substances and seaweed extracts formulated to enhance phosphorus uptake.
  • Chelates with phosphorus and prevents it from binding with calcium and magnesium
  • Increases phosphorus availability in soil.

Where to use?
In-furrow along with starter liquid fertilizers. As a Foliar spray at herbicide and fungicide stages.

NTS Tri-Kelp™ is a blend of the three most advantageous seaweed species. 

Kelp is well known for its natural minerals, ultra-trace minerals, and plant compounds that give it its unique health-promoting effect on other crops and soil biology, NTS Tri-Kelp™ is made of three of the most powerful species which have unique growth and health-promoting characteristics. 

Laminaria may assist plants in the recovery from previous viruses. Sargassum is rich in alginic acid to boost water retention.

TrueHume™ Fulvic70 has phenomenal nutrient-loading capacity related to a CEC of 1400. 

Because of its very small molecular size, minerals chelated with Fulvic acid enjoy rapid entry through plant walls, and increase foliar application uptake. This characteristic has tremendous importance for fast-tracking the plant availability of rock minerals, rock phosphate, and lime. It’s also a powerful electrolyte and biostimulant, which can balance and energize all plant and microbe cells for optimal cell division, elongation, and growth.

 An organic liquid fertilizer seafood hydrolysate, which contains Salmon, Crab and Shrimp.

 Seapack is unique from other hydrolysates, especially those that contain only fish, because it contains an amazing substance called chitin. Chitin comes from the hard shells of crustaceans (shrimp and crab) and has been shown to inhibit fungal growth and development and has been reported to be active against viruses, bacteria, and other pests.