Regenerative Agriculture & Soil Health Training Resources

In this animation you’ll learn about Nutrient Cycling and the interactions that happen between soil microorganisms and plants! ✅ When the Soil Food Web is balanced, plants can harness the power of soil microbes to get all of the nutrients that they need from the soil. During photosynthesis, plants produce simple sugars and carbohydrates. The plants invest some of this sugar and carb energy into the soil by way of their roots to feed bacteria and fungi. These organisms extract nutrients from organic matter and from the soil particles – think grains of sand. However, it’s not until nematodes and protozoa arrive in the root zone to eat the bacteria and fungi that the nutrients are released in a plant-accessible form. The results are well-nourished, resilient plants that continue this nutrient cycle without the need for chemical inputs. Regenerative agriculture training.

In this video, Nicole Masters explains the role of Humic and Fulvic acids in regenerative agriculture and land management.

Our Humalite product is from the worlds highest quality deposit of Humic substance unique to Alberta.  Humalite has a Humic acid content of 80-90%, competing Humic products are made from  Leonardite which can have a Humic acid content of 10-20%. We source this product directly from the earth, giving us the most pure and cost effective Humic Acid end product available.

With Dale Overton, founder of the EcoTea™ line of products explore the fascinating world of Soil Biology. Dive into the science behind the hidden, bustling ecosystems beneath our feet and uncover their vital role in modern agriculture. Discover the intricate web of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, and other soil inhabitants that shape soil health. Learn how understanding soil biology can revolutionize farming practices and lead to more sustainable and productive agriculture.

This is not just limited to organic production, this is an excellent resource in regenerative agriculture training. This presentation goes through the reason (ecologically) why weeds grow. Good book reference “When Weeds Talk” by Jay L. McCaman

Dr. Linda Gorim is the lead researcher in a study that is looking into Humalite as a resource to help plant growth in cropping systems. With a large deposit of Humalite here in Alberta, producers are wondering how they can make use of this soil amendment and in what rates. Join us as we chat with Dr. Gorim about her research! #agriculture #research #crops #humalite 

An overview of the Replenish Nutrients products & the comparison to conventional fertilizers. In this video, we’ll delve into the science and mechanics behind these innovative solutions. Explore how our fertilizers enhance soil health, support plant growth, and promote sustainability. Discover the unique features that set our regenerative fertilizers apart and learn how they contribute to improved yields and a healthier environment. Get ready to unlock the secrets of regenerative agriculture and understand how our products are transforming modern farming practices for the better.

In this video, Nicole Masters explains how poor soil management encourages the presences of pests, weeds, and disease and how regenerative management can mitigate these issues.

In this video, Nicole Masters discusses the role of bacteria and fungi in soil health.

This is a great training resource from one of the leading regenerative soil scientists in the world.

With Dale Overton, founder of the EcoTea™ line of products. In this video, we explore the profound impact of this innovative approach on agriculture. Discover the science that underpins EcoTea and the unique blend of beneficial microorganisms. We’ll delve into the agronomic advantages, including improved plant health and yield. Moreover, you’ll gain insights into the economic benefits of EcoTea, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for farmers. Join us as we uncover the secrets of EcoTea seed dressings and their transformative role in modern farming practices.

Hear firsthand from valued customers of Replenish Nutrients in this engaging testimonial video. At Replenish Nutrients, we take pride in our regenerative solutions and their impact on farming. In this video, Kettle River Organics share their experiences, insights, and success stories with our products. Discover how Replenish Nutrients has transformed their agricultural practices, improving crop health and boosting yields. From soil restoration to sustainable farming, their testimonials offer a glimpse into the real-world benefits of our regenerative solutions. Join us in this inspiring journey and witness the power of Replenish Nutrients through the eyes of those who have experienced its remarkable results.

An introduction and practical demonstration of the Optimize spray water conditioner system. Discover how this innovative technology revolutionizes spray water conditioning, improving the efficacy of your herbicides and fungicides.

In this video Dr.Karthi explains Pholiar Plus and its product features, and how it may help your farm.


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